Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal Therapy is one of the most effective ways of re-aligning the entire energy system as it goes beyond simply working on the level of the 3-dimensional physical body. Each individual crystal has its own energy field and properties, vibrating at a certain frequency. Crystals help to realign the energy bodies and create balance, giving a sense of well-being, encouraging good health and grounding us to the earth. The chakras (energy vortexes) of the body are balanced, cleared and aligned, the subtle energy bodies are worked on and further techniques such as cord cutting and balancing the Hara and divine core are used to give further support in aligning the personality with the soul.

How can crystals help me?

We all experience disease and discomfort in not only the physical body but also our emotional and mental bodies. Crystals are much needed friends in these challenging times of change and conflict and help us to move on from the thoughts and emotions that held us back in the past and into a more soul-centred existence so that we can radiate life-force and positivity. Some energy imbalances go beyond this lifetime and have strong karmic, past life or ancestral links and crystals are very effective at clearing these.

All of the different crystals in existence, which are found naturally in the earth, have different healing properties.
Here are a few examples:

Cleansing of fluids, expanding the heart, raising the vibration out of the physical.
Removing electro-magnetic stress, easing confusion.
Giving layers of insight, personal power, showing things as they really are.
Calming the nervous system, soothing skin inflammation.
Grounding, anti-radiation, cooling, connecting with the earth.
Gentle, journeying, aiding peaceful sleep.
Grounding, improving assertiveness, helping with feminine issues.

Who can have Crystal Therapy?

Crystal Therapy is suitable for all adults. Children can be very responsive to the energies of crystals but a structured crystal healing session would not be suitable for babies and particularly restless children due to the delicate placing of crystals on the body.

What can I expect from a treatment?

The first session lasts about an hour to hour and a half as it includes a consultation in which you will be asked to give details about your health and lifestyle. This information will be treated strictly confidentially. You will also be asked to sign a consent form showing that you understand the aims and limitations of the treatments.

Your treatment will last about 40 minutes. During this time, crystals will be placed on your body (with discretion) and used in your energy field. You will initially be guided into a meditation aided by music and sound bowls. You will most likely find the experience very relaxing and drift into sleep or an altered state of consciousness. Afterwards you will be asked to give feedback about any changes or sensations you experienced.

How often will I need to come?

The process of healing with crystals is quite a gradual one so it is beneficial to have at least three treatments no more than a month apart to give a sense of continuity and allow time for the process to evolve.

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Distant Healing

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