Channelled Art

During the early 2000s I moved more into the abstract realm of ‘energy art’ which uses lines, shapes, symbols and, especially, colour to express the energies of life, the universe and the spiritual realms. I felt that this area of spiritual art was more flowing and free and helped me to connect energetically on a deeper level.

Many of my earlier energy paintings were created through the medium of encaustic wax, a process in which coloured wax is melted with an iron and worked on in various ways to produce unusual effects.

This is a medium that is particularly suited to channelled work as effects can be created almost unconsciously as the wax creates unusual effects in the melting process.


Ascension Art

Spiritual art can help and guide us through what is often referred to as the ‘ascension process’ or journey towards enlightenment whilst on earth. It can provide a greater understanding of the inner and outer worlds and help to identify those higher beings who are working with us to increase the spiritual vibration of the planet.

In the last few years I have channelled several higher beings, angels, archangels and masters through my art. I feel very blessed in being able to use the gift of art to capture beautiful energies and evolved beings on paper, creating a visual keep-sake and reminder of their presence and energy.


Gazing upon a spiritual picture is an excellent way of linking in to its energy. Some of the ways in which my artwork can be used in conjunction with spiritual growth and development are:

  • As tools for meditation, to help focus on specific themes
  • Using their spiritual vibrations to enhance the energy of a room, for example a healing room or centre
  • As a gift to someone who is going through a difficult time or needs some spiritual focus
  • As visual tools for colour healing for particular chakras or emotions
  • Scrying into the image to discover the hidden messages, faces or mysterious worlds
  • To assist in the ascension process by holding the new energies and bringing enlightenment.